Björn Roland, MDT

Roland_Björn_260x260Björn Roland / Germany

Private laboratory, Klein-Winternheim, Germany

Master Dental Technician (MDT)


Main implantological topics:

■ CAD/CAM procedures

■ Esthetic front teeth restorations


Professional skills:

■ Specialized on esthetics and implant prosthetics

■ Vice president of the Association for Digital Dental Technology (FdZt)

■ Member of several international dental associations


Lecture titles:
Björn Roland & Dr.Viktors Avkstols lecture “Teamwork – Communication and Planning” 

Cooperation between prosthodontist and dental technician requires clear protocol and is very important to create good esthetic and functional results. Nevertheless, daily routine, patient and industry demand to have everything “within an hour” seems to affect the link between both involved parties. Detailed planning, documentation and communication are crucial aspects of a successful, long-term esthetically and functionally correct result. There are no small or less important details, which should be unnoticed. This presentation represents principles of case documentation, which help to achieve remarkable results.


■ Björn Roland lecture for dental technicians “State of the Art in Implant Prosthetics”

CAD/CAM technologies become more and more popular. It allows creating a state of art with maximum precision in a single day. The growing industry creates multiple choices and at a certain point starts to limit, what professionals can do to fulfill customer demands. During the presentation, participants will explore how to choose tools, techniques, systems and software correctly to be efficient and productive, and avoid becoming a marketing victim.

Björn Roland hands-on for dental technicians:

In the hands-on course the PROs and CONTRAs of cemented versus screw retained will be explained:

– production of a temporary screw retained crown
– transfer of the emergence profile from the mouth to the model
– producing of screw retained crowns with the individual emergence profile.



1996 – 2000 training / education at „Zahntechnik Kessler GmbH“

2000 – 2001 community service

2001 – 2004 Dental Technician at „Dental Plus GmbH“ in Wiesbaden

Since start of 2003 vice laboratory leader of „Dental Plus GmbH“

September 2004 finish of the „Meisterprüfung“ Master Exam in Frankfurt as the joungest in 2004

Since November 2004 Master Dental Technician at „Dental Design Klaus Schnellbächer“ in Klein Winternheim with special subject Implant Prosthetics and Ceramic

January to March 2005 visit of the Osaka Ceramic Training Center (OCTC) in Osaka/Japan

Also since 2005 international lectures and courses about Implantology and Ceramics in 10 different countries

Since beginning 2006 Director of „Virtual Implant Planning Gbr“ (a company for Interactive 3D Implant Planning and Drilling Guides)

Author of several National and International Publications with the topic Implant Prosthetic and Ceramics.