Dr. Degidi Marco

Marco_Deigidi_260x260pxAdjunct Professor, Postgraduate Program in Clinic Implantology and Biomaterials, University of Chieti.

Adjunct Professor, Postgraduate Master in Clinic Implantology, University of Bologna. Speaker in many national and international seminars, congresses and courses; many national and international publications.

Speaker in many national and international seminars, congresses and courses.

Active member of AO, EAO, ICOI and SIO.

Private Practice in Bologna, restricted to implant surgery & prosthetic.

He has published 126 articles on peer-reviewed journals.

Field of expertise:

• Immediate loading
• Implant aesthetics
• Graftless procedures
• Implant prosthodontics
• Inventor of the WeldOne Concept
• Inventor of the Conometric Concept (cementless fixed restorations).

Lecture title: “Immediate Loading in the Single Compromised Tooth and Edentulous Patient.”

When it comes to deciding on which protocol should be selected to treat an immediately loaded case, the dentist is faced with several possibilities that are sometimes very different: e.g. choosing between traditional planning, surgery and prosthetic treatment or computer-guided surgery followed by the installation of a pre-manufactured restoration? Both alternatives have advantages and disadvantages, and each of them should be carefully analysed in order to make the right decision.

A chairside approach may be preferred by several surgeons, because they will have more direct control over each individual step of implant surgery;  building the framework intra-orally  has several advantages: it is time saving (no impression), it always produces an accurate fit and is passive, rigid splinting improves both the success rate and cost effectiveness .

A detailed examination of the different steps and features of this procedure will be presented in the lecture.