Dr. Kristina Saarepera

Krista Saarepera_260x260Masters of Oral Implantology program at Goethe University of Frankfurt.

Has private practice in Tallinn. Specialises in prosthetics and implantology.


Lecture title: Fragments from the Masterthesis

Lecture abstract:

Lecturers are participating in a study programme ‘Master of Oral Implantology’ in Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt. 

The Masterthesis are written by a student on the basis of research in relevant literature and study of scientific techniques. One of  subjects will be touched: 

Short implants – a thrifty alternative to bone augmentation. Using of piezosurgery splitting as alternative way beside bone blocks in narrow ridges with adequate height. One-piece screw retained monolithic zirconia vs cement retained conventional PFM implant crowns in split mouth design.


Main specialization:

■ Implant surgery; implant prosthetics 



1991-1994 Tartu University, faculty of Medicine.

1994-1997 Karolinska Institute School of Dentistry (Stockholm).

1997          Graduated  Tartu University at with a degree in Dentistry.

1999-         Private practice in Tallinn. She specializes in prosthetics and implantology.

2009       Curriculum Implantology, Goethe University of Frankfurt.

2013-      Master of Oral Implantology program at Goethe University of Frankfurt.