Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski


Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski/ Poland

Vice-president and co-founder of Polish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry


Main implantological topics:

■ Implantology in the esthetical region

■ Multiple implant restorations

■ Guided bone regeneration

■ Soft tissue management


Professional skills:

■ President of the Polish academy of Esthetic Dentistry


1st day lecture:

Lecture title: “Planning the treatment and communication with the patient”

Lecture abstract:

The aim of the lecture is to present the tools and techniques which are used to communicate with the patient based on dental photography, digital smile design and treatment steps documentation. 

High expectations from our patients lead to development of the protocols which help to create understanding and trust of both parties. Dentist should present to the patient realistic scenario of the future treatment to understand the patient needs and also to realize in advance the limitations. 

Credit of trust earned on the beginning and emotional treatment plan presentation will lead to higher treatment plan acceptance.

Duration: 1 hour


2nd day lecture:

Lecture title: “Esthetic outcome – who is the dreamer?”

Lecture abstract:

Treatment options and many different possibilities are opening the doors for our creativity. Roads to success are not always straight and easy to follow. We have to decide what is good and better for Patient without our EGO willing to reach the stars. 

The aim of the lecture is to present different treatment modalities which lead to treatment success but with question at the end: was it worth to go with this treatment? Would you do it one more time?

Duration: 2 hours

Dental Photography Workshop

The best training which will change your dental photography is in front of you. Now you have a chance to learn from the top professional in the field of dental photography. We have prepared a special and unique opportunity for you to exchange information about photo documentation in the field of dentistry. Nowadays dental photography is a skill which you can learn easily and is a must to have to improve your professional career, impress your patients and improve the sales of your services.

Dental private practice has to be considered as the business. You are not only the Doctor but also an Entrepreneur. You have to think about treatment & business strategies. One of the most important tools in your portfolio should be dental photography.


Workshop objectives:

■  learn the basics – minimum what you should know to enjoy what you do

■  how to select the optimum equipment and accessories for dental photography

■  learn the settings and protocols to take the dental portfolio – portraits and intra oral photography

■  how to store, manage and backup the library of your photographs – file management


Fields of interest:

■  patient communication & Digital Smile Design

■  communication with dental technician

■  communication with your team

■  lectures & publications



In 1993 he graduated Medical Academy In Gdańsk. Since 1993 he has his own practice which is focused on aesthetic dentistry and implantology. He has over 11-year experience in implantology and many implantological systems. Vice-president and co-founder of Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Co-editor of “Identity Poland” magazine and “Aesthetic Dentistry Magazine”. He belongs to exclusive group of international lecturers “Omega Group”.