Dr. Viktors Avkštols

Avkstols_260x260px-05Leding private dental clinic Adenta, focuses on dental implantology, proesthetics. Meber of Dental Association of Latvian Dentistry.

Main topics:

■ Dental prosthetics
■ Dental implantology 

Professional skills:

■ Certified Dentist, focuses on dental implantology, prosthetics. Member of Dental Association of Latvian Dentistry.

Lecture title:

Dr.Viktors Avkštols & Dr. Pierfrancesco Mondina “Peri-Implant Soft Tissue: A Simple Seal or The Key of Success?”

Today, keratinized tissue (KT) around implants is considered as a major role to obtain esthetic and stable outcome. It is important to be aware of several parameters to achieve desired result.

Through five questions, we will analyze the minimum KT height and thickness, how to modify the amount of tissue, to obtain the correct esthetical shaping of the margin and how to transfer all information to the laboratory.

Starting from the cut off value of 2 mm, we will show the vestibuloplastic technique + Free Gingival Graft (FGG) or Collagen Matrix (CM) to obtain the vertical increase of the tissue and the technique of Connective Tissue Graft (CTG) to achieve the correct thickness.

The provisional phase will be described in details to understand, how to shape the tissue. The technique of the individual customized impression coping, will allow the clinician to transfer the result to the Lab.

A pre-surgical analysis of the height and thickness of soft tissue is essential to evaluate the potential risk, which can jeopardize the correct result of implant therapy. The prosthetic shaping of the soft tissue and the customized impression coping, allow the clinician to maintain all information about the soft tissue management and the technician to give an ideal shape to the cervical area of the crown.


2008     Certified in Dental Prosthetics 

2008     Certified Dentist

2006     Riga Stradins University, specialty in dental prosthetics

1995     Riga Stradins University, specialty as dentist

1996     Riga 1st Medical School, dental technician


Additional Education


Postgraduate Studies in Medicine

Certificate, Conscious sedation N2O/O2 in Dentistry

Certificate of advanced theory and injection technique training for Juvederm ultra, Riga, Latvia

7th International Scientific Congress of Implantology by Euroteknika, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

Bone transplant and Splitting Techniques, Immediate Implantation, Live Surgery and Hands On, Oehringen, Germany

Focus on Implants in Oral Rehabilitation, Concept, Indication and Handling of the implant system XiVE, Chair-side training program with Live Surgeries, Prosthetic Cases and Hands-On training, Oehringen, Germany


Work Expierence

2008 – till now leading private dental clinic ADENTA and practicing as dental prosthetic

2003 – till now Riga Stradins University, the Prosthetic Department, assistant

2001 – till now Riga Stradins Universtity Institute of Dentistry, dental prosthetist

2001-2003 Private Clinic Kate, dentist

2001-2002 Private Clinic Astradent, dentist



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3.Vidžis A., Avkštols V. The factors of quality for removable partial dental prosthesis. RSU The 2008th scientific conference thesis . Riga, 2008.g.  13.-14. March, 204 p.