Prof.Dr.Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann

Hoffmann _206x260pxProf.Dr.Dr.Jürgen Hoffmann (MD DMD PD FEBOMFS), Germany

Professor and Chairman of  the Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery National Cancer Center University Hospital Heidelberg (Germany)

Fields of interest:

His main focus is in the field of Reconstructive Surgery, he has special interests in image data based planning, treatment of Vascular Anomalies and bone regeneration.

More information:

Lecture titles:

■  “Severe Atrophy – Current Concepts of Treatment”

Alveolar ridge management is critical to the success of maintaining the health, aesthetics and function of teeth and dental implants. Both autogenous grafts and biomaterials are currently used to maintain hard and soft tissue.

The workshop provides an overview oft he literature and the state of the art in ridge preservation techniques.

Scientific basis for ridge preservation:

– Objectives, necessity, indications for ridge preservation
– Current techniques using autogenous tissue
– Techniques using innovative alternative materials
– Current research and further applications using collagen-based materials and growth factors

■  Hands-on “Severe Atrophy – Tissue Management” Part1/Part2

– Basic tools in case of severe atrophy
– Diagnostics
– Osteotomies
– Materials
– Soft tissue handling

Techniques presented:

– Soft tissue punch, free gingival graft (including harvesting of the graft from the palate)
– Applying bovine collagen-based biomaterials
– How to properly perform bone harvesting procedures from intraoral sites respecting important anatomical structures
– How, when, and why to perform major reconstructions with autogenous bone blocks in combination with proven biomaterials
– How, when, and why bone splitting with inlay grafting is indicated
– How to manage the most common potential complications of the techniques


Prof.Dr.Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann qualified as an OMFS surgeon in 1997 at the University Hospital Tübingen and finished his PhD-Thesis in 1999. Working as consultant since 2000 he became Vice Chairman of the Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Hospital Tübingen (Germany) in 2003.

Since 2010 Prof.Dr.Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann is chairing the Dept. of OMFS at the University Hospital in Heidelberg , which is one of the major units in Germany, covering a broad scope of surgical techniques.