Case Planning and Clinical Management for the Fully Edentulous Patient – From Simple to Advanced

Dr. Barry Goldenberg

The fully edentulous or future fully edentulous patient present challenges to our treatment approaches.  Should we restore that patient with a removable or fixed restoration?  How many implants are necessary for each type of treatment?  Is immediate provisionalization a consideration?  Each treatment option requires a thoughtful approach and consideration based on the patient’s anatomy, desires, need for stability, and finances.

This presentation and workshop will provide an experience for planning and executing implant therapy for the fully edentulous patient. The restorative options will include the implant-assisted overdenture, implant supported overdenture, and screw-retained full arch restorations on four or more implants.

The workshop will start with the duplication of a patient’s complete denture to be used as a radiographic template, custom impression tray, custom occlusal record base, and template for the final restoration.  A demonstration of SimPlant software will illustrate how CBCT technology is used to determine the appropriate treatment option, implant location, implant angulation, and restorative design.

At the conclusion of this program participants should have an understanding of:

The differences and attributes of implant assisted and implant supported overdentures

Clinical pathway for the design and fabrication of an implant supported overdenture and screw retained full arch fixed restoration on four or more implants

The number and distribution of implants for successful restoration

The components for each of these restoration types

How to manage treatment from the consultation to the insertion.