Hard and Soft Tissue Stability – Health and Aesthetics

Dr.Ashok Sethi

Specialist in Oral Surgery
Specialist in Prosthodontics

The aim of this presentation is to address the impact of hard and soft tissue stability on the aesthetic outcome as well as the long-term health of implants.

The presentation will focus on several key factors.

It will address the concept of “One abutment one-time” as a method of enhancing a stable connection between the soft tissues and the abutment. Integral to the stability of the tissues is the absence of bacterial micro leakage at the implant abutment interface-namely the connection.

The significance of achieving adequate primary stability for immediate loading is fundamental to achieving high success rates whenever immediate loading is considered.

Clinical applications both with immediate placement and loading of implants as well as strategies for treatment carried out in stages will be addressed. a

This will include the concept of impressions at 1st stage surgery to establish the clinical and technical interface.

The use of bone grafts to produce natural emergence profiles will also be addressed.

The concept of conical retention as an alternative to cement and screw retention will be introduced.

Clinical data will be presented.