The Ankylos Implant System:  From Treatment Planning to the Unique Tissue Care Concept in all Prosthetic Protocols

Dr. Barry Goldenberg

Predictable esthetic results are the composite blending of the bone-implant, implant-abutment, and abutment-prosthesis interfaces.  The conical connection provides the platform for the stable bone and soft tissue outcome our most demanding patients have come to expect.

Whether it is for the single anterior restoration or the fully edentulous arch reconstruction, the clinician must satisfy the patients request for esthetics and function.  This can be a challenge for the most experienced clinicians. The solution is predictable when following basic principles of implant positioning and timing.  We need to understand the biologic and physiologic limitations of the hard and soft tissues in all situations.

The Ankylos Implant System has advantages over other implant systems.  It gives the clinician an abundance of options for treatment – from preformed abutments placed at the time of surgery to custom abutments in a delayed approach…from immediate reconstruction of the newly edentulous patient with a fixed restoration or a removable prosthesis with the “feel” of a fixed bridge.

The opportunities with Ankylos are its foundation.  Can the components of a system along with prosthetic innovation enhance and facilitate the long-term esthetic and functional results of our implant reconstruction.  The answer is a   resounding YES. We will discuss how the team approach in every situation is of paramount importance to reduce time and stress.  Ultimately this will equal success for the patient.

Our overall success is dependent on the 4 T’s for success:

  • Treatment Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Tissue Shaping
  • Tissue Stability

For over 30 years, the unique Tissue Care Connection has been the basis for redefining tissue stability.