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Baltic Implantology Symposium 2024

Baltic Implantology Symposium

Dr. Frank Zastrow

Baltic Implantology Symposium 2024 Speaker Frank Zastrow

Dr. Frank Zastrow is an oral surgeon, international speaker, author, and owner of a private dental clinic in southern Germany.

He previously worked as a research associate at the maxillofacial department of the University of Heidelberg until 2007. From 2007 to 2012, he served as a Senior Physician under Prof. Fouad Khoury at the clinic Schloss Schellenstein in Germany.

Dr. Zastrow has gained international recognition as a speaker and author of numerous specialist books. He is the inventor of the Semilunar technique (SLT) and holds numerous patents worldwide.

Additionally, he founded the “Real Bone Builders” Facebook group, where colleagues can exchange information about the treatment of complex implantological cases with Real Bone.

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