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Baltic Implantology Symposium 2024

Baltic Implantology Symposium

Dr. Marco Bambace

Speakers of Baltic Implantology Symposiums Seminar Dr. Marco Bambace

Dr. Marco Bambace is a highly accomplished dentist specializing in aesthetic restorations and prosthetics.

He graduated with top marks and honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics from the University of Padua. Additionally, he serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Padua. Dr. Bambace exclusively focuses on aesthetic restorations and prosthetics for natural teeth and implants.

He has participated in courses and studies conducted by renowned professionals in Italy. Furthermore, he collaborates with various companies as an opinion leader.

Dr. Bambace is also a speaker at courses and congresses, and has published multiple articles on dental aesthetics, earning several awards. He holds a second-level master’s degree in digital dentistry from the University of Padua.

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