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Baltic Implantology Symposium 2024

Baltic Implantology Symposium

Steven Campbell

Speakers of Baltic Implantology Symposiums Seminar Dr. Steven Campbell

Steven Campbell is a GDC registered dental technician with a passion for the fantastic life-changing service the dental team provides to their patients.

Working with skilled teams and some of the most highly regarded dental surgeons in the UK, Steven provides solutions for all aspects of restorative dentistry, especially implants and the new digital and CAD/CAM workflows.

Over time, this passion has evolved and intertwined with his love of technology to the point where he found it possible to open and run a fully digital workflow dental laboratory.

Steven is grateful that his love of these elements of his life and the advanced work they undertake with their surgical teams has struck a chord with many in the profession. This has resulted in invites to share their work at presentations and study clubs across the UK and Europe.

But above all, he is grateful to the people that choose to work within the nexus team and alongside them as surgery partners. Although he is passionate about technology and the benefits provided by systematic approaches, Steven knows that like everything else in life, these tools truly excel when in the hands of those who have the talents and perseverance to understand and further develop them.

When not in the lab, Steven will usually be found at a dental event either learning from his peers or representing one of the many dental organizations he is fortunate enough to have been invited to work with, including his current role as President of the Dental Laboratories Association.

Rare time off is spent with his family, making sure he squeezes in some running with Lyndsay and their boys Lewis and Reuben in the beautiful countryside that surrounds them in North Yorkshire.

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